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us carbon emissions policy

U.S Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions Increase in Past Two Years

April 22, 2015 by U.S. EIA: Today in Energy

U.S. Carbon Emission Increase

For the second year, energy-related CO2 emissions in the U.S. have increased. However, unlike 2013, when emissions and gross domestic product (GDP) grew at similar rates (2.5% and 2.2%, respectively), 2014's CO2 emissions growth rate of 0.7% was much smaller than the 2014 GDP growth rate of 2.4%.[read more]

Latest EIA Report Shows Marked Increase in U.S. CO2 Emissions

September 30, 2014 by Tom Schueneman

U.S. Emissions Growth

As the World Meteorological Organization recently reported, atmospheric CO2 concentrations have risen to record levels. In line with this report is the latest Monthly Energy Review from the U.S. Energy Information Administration finding that U.S. CO2 emissions have reversed their downward trend.[read more]

The Complicated World of Methane

July 21, 2014 by David Hone

As governments struggle to find practical routes forward with positive outcomes for CO2 mitigation, attention is turning to dealing with other greenhouse gases, particularly methane. A number of methane emission initiatives are now underway or being planned.[read more]

California's Blueprint for Meeting (and Exceeding) the EPA's Clean Power Plan

June 14, 2014 by NRDC Switchboard

California and EPA Rules

Even before the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the nation’s first federal limits on carbon pollution from power plants last week, naysayers were claiming California’s longstanding policies to cut emissions and improve energy efficiency don’t work and have sent electric bills soaring.[read more]

Let the Confusion Begin: States' Carbon Cuts Will Vary Widely

June 6, 2014 by Katherine Tweed

States and EPA Rule Reactions

The new EPA rules call for the power sector to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030 from 2005 emissions levels, but the reductions will take place between the base measurement year of 2012 and the deadline of 2030. Three states will have to have a percentage reduction of more than 50 percent.[read more]

New EPA Carbon Rules Tackle CO2 from the 'Bottom Up"

June 3, 2014 by Mark Muro

Yesterday’s announcement from the government is a genuinely big deal with its launch of proposed first-time regulations that would require the nation’s power plants to reduce their emissions by as much as 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. There is much to parse.[read more]

A Few Thoughts on the New EPA Rules

June 3, 2014 by Lou Grinzo

The proposal from the EPA is to cut CO2 from electricity plants by 30% compared to 2005 levels. Since we’ve already seen a drop in these emissions from 2005 to 2012 of over 15%, even 30% from this one sector isn’t all that impressive, given that we’re halfway there already.[read more]

Is Europe Paying the Price for Its Solar Leadership?

May 12, 2014 by Lindsay Wilson

Europe and Solar Energy

One curious meme that developed over the last few years is that the US leads the world in tackling carbon emissions. This is typically followed by a sentence with the word ‘fracking‘. But if you actually look at the data you can see declining oil use was as big a driver in the cuts.[read more]

Carbon Dioxide Is Not Good for Us: And Other Carbon Truths

April 29, 2014 by Jessica Kennedy

Carbon Dioxide Truths

It is unfortunate that there is an audience for claims that environmental degradation and climate change are alarmist farces. I can understand why, however. It is easier to pretend a problem does not exist than to muster the strength to solve it.[read more]

Energy-Related Carbon Emissions Rose in 2013

January 15, 2014 by Katherine Tweed

Carbon Emissions Rose in 2013

Carbon dioxide emissions from energy activities in the U.S. in 2013 are expected to be up 2 percent over 2012. The slight increase is still just a projection as EIA awaits final year-end data, but the higher figure is attributed to an increase in coal consumption by electric utilities.[read more]

US Energy-Related Carbon Emissions Fall to 18-Year Low

October 23, 2013 by Marianne Lavelle

The last effort in the U.S. Congress to tackle climate change head-on died in 2010, amid ferocious lobbying by interests who argued it would wreck the economy. That bill would have cut carbon dioxide emissions 3 percent below their 2005 level by 2012.[read more]


Can Switching Heavy Duty Trucks to Rail Transport Reduce Carbon Emissions?

July 13, 2013 by John Miller

HD Trucks and Carbon Reduction

President Obama has included increasing heavy duty vehicle fuel efficiency standards in his recent climate policy speech. Are there more effective alternatives to further reducing heavy duty vehicle transport carbon emissions?[read more]