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Energy Storage is Critical Issue at Utility Industry's Conference in New Orleans

June 12, 2015 by Matt Roberts

The Criticality of Energy Storage

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which devastated the Gulf Coast, the conference highlighted the immense importance of the utility companies in ensuring resiliency and reliability as increasingly intense storms challenge our aging infrastructure.[read more]

Which Technologies Will Make New York's Energy Vision a Reality?

May 20, 2015 by Katherine Tweed

Planning New York's Energy Future

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has launched a bold new model of the electrical utility system and energy markets called Reforming the Energy Vision to eliminate electricity peaks in summer and better value efficiency and distributed resources at the grid edge.[read more]

Stakeholders Gather to Discuss How Time-Variant Electricity Pricing Can Work in New York

April 18, 2015 by EDF Energy Exchange

New York Electricity Pricing

Last week, Environmental Defense Fund co-hosted a successful forum on residential time-variant electricity pricing – which allows customers to pay different prices for electricity depending on when it is used – within the context of New York’s ‘Reforming the Energy Vision’ proceeding.[read more]

Germany, Turkey, and Russia: Strange Energy Bedfellows

February 23, 2015 by Roman Kilisek

Partnerships and Conflicts

The recent Munich Security Conference brought together – as it does every year – important decision-makers in international politics, including heads of state and government along with foreign and defense ministers to discuss “hot” foreign and security policy issues.[read more]

What's Going on in Residential Solar? The View from Greentech Media's Solar Energy Summit

April 23, 2014 by Rosana Francescato

Residential solar was a hot topic at the recent Greentech Media Solar Summit. Nicole Litvak, Solar Analyst at GTM Research, started out the session on “Opportunities and Threats in the Residential Solar Market” by asking each panelist to share the key to success for residential solar, in five words.[read more]

Nuclear Energy: Past, Present, and Future

March 31, 2014 by Rod Adams

Nuclear Energy History

On March 28, I had the privilege of attending a symposium at Dartmouth College, 'Three Mile Island 35th Anniversary Symposium: The Past, Present, and Future of Nuclear Energy.' If you are curious and have a free nine hours, you can even watch a copy of the main event on YouTube.[read more]

Can Entrenched Energy Systems Undergo Rapid Changes?

February 27, 2014 by Energy @ MIT

The world’s energy infrastructure — with its massive generating plants, mines, refineries, electric grids, and gas stations — is often likened to an aircraft carrier: Trying to change its direction is a slow and difficult process. But at times, such changes can take place with surprising rapidity.[read more]

10 Big Changes In Energy Since The 2013 MIT Energy Conference

February 10, 2014 by Robert Armstrong

Around MIT, we’re used to “drinking from a fire hose,” but the pace of change can still be dizzying—particularly for those of us involved in energy. Less than 12 months ago, the MIT Energy Club hosted its premier event, the MIT Energy Conference, and in that time, a great deal has changed.[read more]

Learning By Using

December 3, 2013 by Maximilian Auffhammer

Rob Stavins and Richard Newell put together a great workshop, which brought together one possible all-star team of energy economists to discuss the energy efficiency gap; the wedge between the cost-minimizing level of energy efficiency investment and the investment level actually realized.[read more]

Gas Exporting Countries Gather in Moscow for Influential Forum

July 3, 2013 by Igor Alexeev

GECF and Moscow

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum is often compared with Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Both are industry-specific intergovernmental organizations controlled by major exporters.[read more]

Despite Policy Vaccum, "International Green Construction Code" Emerges

November 1, 2011 by Jenny Chen

As the failing economy reigns supreme in the public arena, creating new energy standards has receded into the background. Five years ago, a wave of concern over climate change prompted an influx of federal regulations such as the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005. Today, the federal government has other issues on its mind.[read more]

Energy Innovation 2011 Coming To DC

October 13, 2011 by Breakthrough Institute

At Energy Innovation 2010, clean energy advocates, policy experts, and public officials moved the clean energy policy debate in a new direction: an innovation strategy is required to develop the transformative technologies we need to address climate change, achieve energy independence and reap potentially vast economic benefits.This...[read more]

The Battery Show Unveils Full Conference Program

August 11, 2011 by Benjamin Lack

As the world begins to adopt electric and hybrid vehicles and rely increasingly on renewable resources to satisfy its thirst for power, the battery industry stands to benefit from an unprecedented level of growth. Addressing these key issues, the Battery Show Conference, across two separate tracks, will examine the market and future business opportunities whilst the second track will evaluate how technical advances are likely to impact performance, safety and cost.[read more]

Uranium Conference Adds Discussion of Japan Accident

March 30, 2011 by Daniel Fine, Ph.D

“This will be the first public forum to review public safety issues in the nuclear energy industry since the incident in Japan,” Fine said. “This is terribly important because of the potential loss of public confidence in nuclear energy.” Fine said that public polls showed that 60 percent of Americans opposed nuclear energy after the Three Mile Island incident. Public sentiment did not begin to change until 2005, he said.[read more]

3rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Cleantech Investment Forum

March 23, 2011 by Scott Edward Anderson

The Mid-Atlantic Cleantech Investment Forum has become the premier showcase for clean- and greentech companies and investors in the region. A collaboration between the Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic (of which I am co-founder) and Blank Rome's energy law practice, the Forum brings together investors and entrepreneurs from around the...[read more]