The Japanese Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry's (METI) Embassy in Brussels has released a 43 page report today providing an overview of the Tsunami/Earthquake, Rescue Efforts and Foreign Assistance and challenges of their affected Nuclear Power Stations.

Key Challenges identified are the cool down of reactors, containing the spread of radioactive substances, rigorous monitoring and ensuring the safety of food, products, on-site workers, ports and airports.Further, the report provides estimated economic impact and plans for recovery.The report makes the point that regular accurate measurements of radioactivity levels are conducted for air, soil, food, water and human exposure, and compares Fukushima against 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl, attempting to provide some context around the severity of the Japanese nuclear accident.

Some stats from this report as a result of the overall disaster in Japan:

  • Deceased over 15,000
  • Missing over 9000
  • Injured over 5000
  • Evacuees over 115,000 (as of May 17)
  • TEPCO lost 40% of it's power capacity for a population of 42 million people as a result of the Tsumani and Earthquake
  • Damaged Stocks (estimated by the Cabinet of Japan) 16-25 Trillion Yen ($195-305 billion US)
  • 30 km radius "Flight Prohibited Area" from Fukushima's 1st nuclear plant
  • 20 km Navigational Warning and Emergency Refugee Preparation Area Designation

Report: Japan's Challenges Towards Recovery (Embassy of Japan in Brussels)