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Exclusive Columns at the Energy Collective

Full Spectrum with Jesse Jenkins

Full Spectrum: Energy Analysis & Commentary with Jesse Jenkins sheds light on the key debates, hot new technologies, and important policy developments across the energy spectrum.

Full Spectrum: Energy Analysis and Commentary with Jesse Jenkins

Energy and Policy Developments with John Miller

Energy and Policy Developments with John Miller features critical analysis of past and developing energy technologies, policies and markets.

Energy and Policy Developments with John Miller

Game Changers with Jim Pierobon

Game Changers with Jim Pierobon explores transformative forces -- people, companies, products, and policies -- with the potential to reshape the energy sector.

Game Changers column banner

Energy for Human Development with MIT's e4Dev 

Energy for Human Developmenta partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's student-led discussion forum e4Dev, explores the linkages between energy and human development challenges. 

Energy for Human Development Column Banner

Seeking Consensus with Schalk Cloete

Seeking Consensus with Schalk Cloete aims to objectively quantify the attractiveness of the wide range of energy options we have available using feedback from the well-informed community.

Seeking Consensus with Schalk Cloete

Green Growth with Silvio Marcacci

Green Growth with Silvio  Marcacciexplores the clean energy successes necessary to decarbonize society and prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

Green Growth with Silvio Marcacci

New Energy Voices with the Clean Energy Leadership Institute

New Energy Voices with the Clean Energy Leadership Institute features commentary from the the next generation of leaders in clean energy policy. 

New Energy Voices


Archived/inactive columns...

The Energy Transition with Robert Wilson

The Energy Transition with Robert Wilson featured critical observations on the transition to a low-carbon energy system. Check out the archives here...

The Energy Transition with Robert Wilson

East Winds with Michael Davidson

East Winds with Michael Davidson featured regular reporting and insights on major developments in China’s energy policy and markets, with a particular focus on China's transforming electricity grid. Check out the archives here...

East Winds with Michael Davidson

The Capitol Energy Report with Matthew Stepp

The Capitol Energy Report with Matthew Stepp featured regular reporting and insights on the most important policy news out of Washington DC, interviews with Beltway energy influencers, and more.

The Capitol Energy Report with Matthew Stepp

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