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On "The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See"

this video has had over 156,000 downloads - does anyone know who this guy is?
January 3, 2008    View Comment    

On Climate Bill Fails Key Vote in Senate

Thanks, TB.  I obviously had one of those senior moments that we hear so much about.
December 10, 2007    View Comment    

On Stop the Catalog Madness

Thank you!!! But it probably won't stop until it ceases to work.
December 5, 2007    View Comment    

On Anti-environment, anti-technology Gingrich tries to rewrite history. Don’t buy it or his new book.

Thanks, Joe, I'm glad you checked the Gingrich book out so I don't have to.
November 13, 2007    View Comment    

On Energy Bill: Losing its luster?

Good summary, tb.  Keep us informed.
November 12, 2007    View Comment    

On Going Green to Recruit and Retain Employees


I also heard last week that a significant number (anyone have it) of employees prefer to work in green buildings.
November 12, 2007    View Comment    

On Debunking Shellenberger & Nordhaus — Part IV, Why bother?

Great post and be sure to read the comments on Joe's site.
October 7, 2007    View Comment    

On Would you be willing to support climate change policy if it cost someone else money?

Sounds like an opportunity for the utilities...
October 5, 2007    View Comment    

On Right Cause, Wrong Reasons

Thanks, TB.  Somehow I suspect, however, that the climate change deniers have some other ax to grind that I am only dimly aware of.
October 4, 2007    View Comment    

On Solar,Home Tour, National Event

Keep 'em coming, Scott!
October 3, 2007    View Comment    

On Bill Clinton vs. The World Bank


Love the comment on your site: "The World Bank is soooo last century."  Of course, last century or not, there is a lot of capital floating around there. Thanks for this view into the CGI.
September 27, 2007    View Comment    

On The Executive Summary of All Executive Summaries

That Stockdate quote is one of my all-time favorites.
September 13, 2007    View Comment