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On Anderson/Gladwell debate brings out all of the web intelligentsia

Also, fascinating analogy to energy here...
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On “Your Passion is Energy”

Best of luck, Robert.  And please keep blogging.
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On Anderson/Gladwell debate brings out all of the web intelligentsia

Good point, Terrence, and while this is terrible news for vertically-integrated content producers, i.e. newspapers and magazines, it's great news for publishers like yourselves.  At Social Media Today (parent of TheEnergyCollective), we've been of the mind that great content creates value on several levels and we've been fortunate to find customers who share this belief.  But unlike the Dallas Morning News, we've been able to start from scratch to prove this point.  Speaking of free, feel free to add your blog here at TheEnergyCollective.
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On I'm an idiot

Wrong! no idiot thou, John.  Thanks for making a great conversation.
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On Rockwell Tells Lamar Alexander - You Can Store Used Fuel Almost Anywhere

Hello, Teed. Welcome to The Energy Collective... tell everyone in Berkeley they're invited, too.
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On Waxman-Markey: What Will It Accomplish? Join Us in Conversation

By the way, for our global membership, there is no separate international dial-in (sorry but we're doing this one on the cheap.)  Please use this: 00-1-404-920-6440 for overseas.
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On The San Francisco Federal Building

Charles, we're flattered by the attention and the sobriquet, but you do raise an interesting point, one that parallels Marc Gunther's post today about Wal-Mart... is using sustainable materials (which is a lot of what green building is about) the same as energy-efficient?
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On Chinese climate expert Pan Jiahua sets the record straight: Rep. James Sensenbrenner has behaved “improperly and unethically” to “frighten the American public and halt U.S. progress on solving the problem of global warming”

The Energy Collective recently heard Congressman Sensenbrenner speak about his China trip, and he focused mainly on what he said was Chinese insistence on (low-cost) access to any intellectual property rights for cleantech innovation, in exchange for deployment, which would, obviously, hinder any Western investment in that country.  Leaving aside whether this statement was exaggerated, as the CAP reporters claim about his other concerns, or not, U.S. and Chinese cooperation will be key to acheiving progress at Copenhagen as the authors point out here.  But equally important will be acheiving a broader political acceptance of the key features of Waxman-Markety when it goes to the Senate, and not just a more-or-less party split.
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On European Future Energy Forum - great show, poor turnout?

I agree with your assessment Tom.  We attended the Abu Dhabi conference in January, and while the speakers were amazing, we found the attendance a bit light, particularly from the "engaged" media.  Perhaps the organizers need a bit more of a social campaign to reach their (attainable) goal of being the "Davos" of energy.
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On European Future Energy Forum - opening session

Bianca! Renewable Energy! It really is the seventies. 


Green Monk Tom Raftery will be blogging llive for TheEnergyCollective for the next three days from Bilabo
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On `Smart grid' - buzz of the electric power industry

Speaking of Smart Grid, The Energy Collective will be checking it out at Clasma's events Connectivity Week/Smart Grid conference in Santa Clara today and tomorrow... stay tuned for tweets and updates.
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On Defending Big Government - Or Why We Can't Leave Energy Innovation to Markets

I recently spent an afternoon listening to the current energy debate at a summit hosted by The Atlantic and Siemens, with panelists ranging from corporate sustainability practicioners (Dupont) to green building experts (Rick Fedrizzi from USGBC) and the ever-energetic Dan Esty (Yale).... There was a lot of upbeat discussion about how ACES will spur innovation but a chilling reminder, towards the end, by Esty that the last time this country attempted to use a market to promote climate action (the Clean Air Act) the Senate voted overwhelmingly (91 to 9) to pass.  Esty went on to make the excellent point that the reason that particular piece of legislation has worked so well and bridges a gap between government and industry is because of solid and broad political support. Perhaps the issue here is not which sector, government or industry, will better promote innovation as much as the degree to which innovation and change are widely embraced by all sides.
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