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On President Obama’s call to action on energy and climate: “Each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.”

The Energy Collective has been in Abu Dhabi this week at the World Future Energy Summit... which immediately incorporated this speech into its presentation to delegates.  Tony Blair mirrored Obama's speech a few minutes ago (and received three ovations each time he mentioned Obama's name) by calling on greater global cooperation, and at the same time, trimmed expectations for what Obama will be able to accomplish.  "Don't ask Obama about what he can't deliver, let us help him deliver what he can." 
January 21, 2009    View Comment    

On The View from Abu Dhabi

Arno, sorry to miss you here.  Our impression mirrors yours: the speakers are quite senior and very involved... but I'm surprised not to see a better representation of media and esp. bloggers (although you and TEC blogger Marc Gunther are here.)
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On Abu Dhabi’s amazing clean energy bet

Mark.... like the old hack saw, "Blank Country: Land of Contrasts" we're finding that paradox you're describing is apt.  Great to see you here and looking forward to more reporting like this.  FYI, in spite of some connections hassles, we're live-blogging at the moment (community associate Evan Cook has honors.) 
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On Behind IBM's Quest for a 'Smarter Planet'

Like you, Joel, I've long been fascinated by corporate "image" advertising and spent the better part of my career selling to people who created these ads and believed them to be effective.  Hell, I believed them to be effective as well.  Now I am not so sure... in fact, I think the most likely conversation that will be created by this campaign will be along the lines of "did you see how much money IBM is spending on green advertising?"  Particularly since the thinking here, by definition since it is advertising, and follows many of the rules set down long ago by the late, great David Ogilvy and others, is simplistic and one-directional, not conversational.  In the connected world, the guy you're selling your ideas to is now insisting to be able to sell you back.  If anything was proven by the recent election it is that the old campaign-based ways of selling your ideas are over.  But I'm sure IBM will make the traditional media outlets happy ... and no doubt got a lot of placement bargains.
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On Looking ahead to 2009

Dan, does China have a goal for nuclear power contribution to consolidated power production?
December 19, 2008    View Comment    

On The South is Different

Speaking as a Southerner, let me also assure you that air conditioning helped, too. 
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On Poznan: What about Africa

Marc, there's an excellent conference going on right now in Delhi, hosted by the Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children: @beyondfirewood.  The conference is looking at the ways that climate change at the most basic level threatens the security of women and families who are forced into refugee settings, and is looking at solutions that would address not only security but also climate (air quality) concerns.  You can follow the conference on twitter @beyondfirewood.
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On Obama Picks Stephen Chu to Lead Energy Department

The National Labs have been under-utilized for years... this could be a great change.
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On Too Big To Fail? Too Big, Period.

Last night, SAP and Social Media Today hosted a panel discussion about the economy and small business.  Albert Wenger, Managing Director at Union Square Ventures, which has backed companies like Deli-ici.ous and twitter, talked about how it just may be that the kinds of massive corporations that have dominated American industry may be obsolete, in general, and that are made less necessary because of the rise of digital networking and more nimble manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

So should American taxpayers both bail out the Big 3 and insist on their dissolution?

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On A Peek Into Mother Nature's R&D Lab

Joel, Janine spoke last week at Greenbuild and yes, the website is fantastic.  I was fortunate enough on the way to Boston to sit next to Bryony Schwan who is their COO and she took me on a tour of the site, which combines excellent content with social features for users. 

If nothing else, biomimicry gives us a framework for appreciation of nature that is not only scientific but supports significantly valuable (in real dollars and cents) innovation. 

November 24, 2008    View Comment    

On The Ugly, the Bad, & the Good: Thoughts on Greenbuild 2008

Stephen, one of my highlights was meeting you "in the carbon."  Good wrap-up and thanks for the links, and for participating in our video project.  I've seen the "rushes" and you were very, very fine.
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On Who Will Get the Nation's Top Energy Job in Obama's Administration

Any idea on whether there will be Climate Czar?
November 14, 2008    View Comment