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On Arguing the link between Climate Change and Security

@Grumpy --

I wish they were.  I've heard some say that climate changes could suddenly shut-down the West Indian Monsoon, or quickly turn off the rainfall in the Brazilian Amazon.  These are - hopefully - low probability, unlikely events.  But, the scientific, pre-historic record does show that such things have happened. 

May 10, 2010    View Comment    

On Linking Energy Security and Climate Change

Ed -- thanks for your comment.  Perhaps I should have said that "they share a solution: moving to a low-carbon economy".  Clearly, expanded use of coal in the US is a way to build energy independence. But - such a solution would undermine long-term climate security.  Perhaps its better to embrace a solution that kills two birds with one stone, in this case? 

Moreover, given the increased regulatory risk related to mining and burning coal, it would seem that utilities would want to move towards energy that doesn't require a dangerous fuel source?

April 16, 2010    View Comment