Four_WindTurbines_MowerCounty140607 I’m 2 months into my new job in the wind industry and loving every day.  This is the first job that I’ve ever looked forward to on the weekends; every day could make a difference.

I’m tired of the energy debate in the news; I’m tired of hearing vague assertions that alternative energy isn’t ready.  Coal and fossil fuels were rolled out as an energy source before we were ready to control the impact of their side effects on our world.  We’re still not ready for coal- go back to the drawing board!  Clean coal isn’t here yet!  I want to see innovative engineering; I want to help make world a better place to live, and I don’t want to start with the technologies that cause black lung and acid rain. Let’s jump past those. 

I realized recently that I’ve thrown myself into a T. Boone Pickens type debate- if I’m earning money from the renewable energy industry, can my opinions on the industry be trusted?  I’m no longer impartial, right? But I honestly can’t think of anywhere else to be right now.  Talk is good, but it’s time to put my salary where my mouth is and help change the world.


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