U.S. House Republicans sent a short note over to the U.S. Department of the Interior, inquiring as to Interior’s plans for regulatory or policy changes with respect to hydraulic fracturing on public lands.  My favorites from among the questions asked:

  • What scientific information or data does DOI intend to rely upon to form the bases for such activities or regulatory actions?


  • What interactions has DOI had with the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) or the Executive Office of the President relating to hydraulic fracturing activities? Please provide all documents in possession of DOI related to such interactions.

The first of my favorites is actually a useful question for folks interested in science-grounded, reality-based public policy.  The second is a barely disguised declaration that House Republicans are getting ready to fight DOI on the issue.

(HT to Sheila “Win-win” McNulty at the FT EnergySource blog.  On the “win-win” see here.)