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A Surprise Ending for Durban

The Durban conference on climate change ended on a much better note than many expected, but continued to delay the toughest questions for at least three years.The final outcome of the conference, COP-17, is a two-page, breakthrough document called...

Posted December 11, 2011    

Is The End of Durban Also The End of Kyoto?

The end of the Durban conference is approaching, and in all likelihood, the end of the Kyoto Protocol along with it.Developments in the last few days indicate the outcome is more likely to confirm a global disagreement, rather than agreement, over...

Posted December 9, 2011    

India Rejects EU Plan for New Climate Treaty

With the Durban climate change negotiations barely a week old, key countries are drawing their “red line” positions in the sand.On one side of the line, where the Group of 77 (G77) + China and other developing countries firmly sit, is a second...

Posted December 5, 2011    

The Environment, Climate Change Views of Republican Candidates for 2012

Debates are underway in the United States as contenders seek the Republican party nomination to challenge Barack Obama in the 2012 U.S. presidential election. Last week’s debate was the first for Texas Governor Rick Perry, whose front-runner...

Posted October 3, 2011    

Weighing the Evidence on Environmental Regulation Versus Jobs

Among the Republican Party candidates vying to contest Obama in the 2012 presidential election, there is a recurring theme: the idea that environmental regulation prevents job creation. While only one candidate attacked the Environmental...

Posted September 30, 2011