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It’s January 2nd, and Your Energy Budget is Already Wrong

“Prediction is hard, especially about the future.”- Yogi BerraMany Gridium customers are dealing with mandates to improve their energy budgets, in some case meeting demands of 2% accuracy. Of course, improved forecasting makes good financial sense,...

Posted January 1, 2013    

Dude, where’s my “climate dividend”?

Last week the California Public Utility Commission announced (pdf) a proposed “climate dividend” totaling “$5.7B to $22.6B…returned to ratepayers.” Just a week earlier, the first auction in the California carbon market cleared at over $10 per metric...

Posted November 29, 2012    

Energy Models and Cocktail Parties

I was recently at a cocktail reception after a busy energy conference. I wandered into a crowd, found some folks I knew and started chatting. It was crowded and noisy, and there were two conversations going on around me at once. I nodded politely,...

Posted October 4, 2012    

Clouds Have A Heavier Energy Footprint Than Expected

The term cloud computing suggests an ethereal realm of software and data. But the servers, cooling systems, and back-up generators that undergird popular internet services remain stubbornly earthbound, and carry a heavy and growing energy footprint...

Posted October 2, 2012    

What’s the point of the Green Button?

Last year, the White House challenged the electricity industry to provide customers with electronic access to their energy data. The industry responded, and today the “Green Button” initiative is supported at varying levels by 29 utilities providing...

Posted August 29, 2012    

Energy management: if you’re not winning, you’re losing

High-end restaurants rarely make money on food. However inflated prices may seem, the food tab just barely covers fish flown in from Japan, waitstaff salaries, downtown rent, broken wine glasses, and stolen forks. The cocktail menu, on the other...

Posted August 22, 2012