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Is Iran After Nuclear Power for Energy Purposes? [STORIFY]

Editor's note: The United States and Iran have inked an historic framework agreement that aims to curb Iran's path to a nuclear weapon while preserving the nation's ability to develop a domestic nuclear energy industry. Most of the analysis out...

Posted April 14, 2015    

Bursting the Bubble: Shale Gas Impact on Natural Gas Exports in GCC

Since the shale boom in North America, the impact on the oil and gas market in the Middle East, mainly GCC countries, has become a hot energy topic in the region.  Experts, decision-makers and high level authorities have had conflicting...

Posted November 12, 2014    

Living in Dilemma: LNG in the Middle East

The Middle East still sits on the throne of oil. In 2013, oil production in the region was of 27,671.2 thousand barrels per day1, constituting 30.33% of global oil production, and the proven reserves of crude oil were still spiking high at 802.157...

Posted May 26, 2014    

China's Rise: Environment & Climate Change

China’s GDP has been growing at a rate of 10% a year for the past three decades. The country is rising quickly, no doubt. Some say China’s pursuing the dream of becoming a global superpower, and some argue that that is an inevitability.But is GDP...

Posted January 29, 2013    

Energy Apocalypse? Is Fossil Fuel Really Ending?

“We are running out of fossil fuel”. I’ve been hearing this for a while, and it has created a sort of panic all over the world. Tendency is to believe that this is happening in the next few years... But is it true?It is true that fossil fuel...

Posted November 19, 2012