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Green Christmas, Malaysian Floods Pointed to Gaps in Climate Action

This is not what December 26 should look like in Ottawa, Canada. Photo: Karen Irving2014 was widely seen as a breakthrough year when decision-makers finally turned the corner in the effort to avert runaway climate change.But for all that the year...

Posted December 30, 2014    

Wrong Questions Lead to the Wrong Answers on Oil and Gas Development

You don’t get the right answers by asking the wrong questions.And nowhere is that more obvious than in the annual projections from governments, international agencies, and major oil and gas companies, all pointing to massive, dangerous increases in...

Posted February 3, 2014    

$26,000 Social Media Campaign Trumps $900,000 Oil and Gas Ad Buy

Fracking site in Warren Center, PA, Ostoff Law, via Wikimedia CommonsSocial media strategies—and the communication philosophies behind them—may have made the decisive difference when voters in Fort Collins, Boulder, and Lafayette, Colorado and...

Posted November 18, 2013    

Airlines' Carbon Reduction Plan Spins Out of Control

The Flying Clean Alliance has its say during the ICAO triennial assembly in Montreal in early October, Credit: Guy Lavigueur ©Four years after airlines declared a 2020 target date to make their operations carbon neutral, there’s very little...

Posted October 10, 2013    

Is the Canadian Prime Minister Out of Options on Keystone?

It was big news earlier this month when CBC News revealed that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had written to President Barack Obama in late August, proposing “joint action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas sector” if that...

Posted September 11, 2013    

Carbon Bubble a Turning Point for Climate Change Action?

The idea that a large proportion of the world’s proven fossil fuel resources would be unburnable in any reasonable climate change control scenario has fed a growing body of analysis over the last year, all of it suggesting that carbon could become...

Posted May 13, 2013