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IEA: Global Progress on Clean Energy Has Stalled, New Policies Needed

Global progress towards low-carbon energy has stalled, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency (IEA).In Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013, the agency's input to the 4th Clean Energy Ministerial conference, IEA asserts that...

Posted April 19, 2013    

For New Energy Sources, Unlocking Technological Energy Innovation

When The Energy Collective asked me to write a series of posts about ‘new energy sources’, the term gave me pause. The more I thought about the concept of ‘new energy sources’, the more complex it became. What exactly is a new energy source, and...

Posted April 1, 2013    

Oil Sands, Keystone XL, and the New Politics of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

There’s no use talking about new energy sources without assessing the social, political, and economic contexts into which they might emerge. For unless a nascent technology can command broad stakeholder assent within a given socio-political context...

Posted March 7, 2013    

Oil Sands: The Resources, The Technologies, The Consequences

Canada’s vast quantities of oil sands have been described variously as the world's third largest proven crude oil reserve, Canada’s path to energy superpowerdom, ‘game over for the climate’, and ‘the most destructive project on earth’....

Posted February 12, 2013    

New Energy Sources: Possibilities and Prospects

Energy transition is not just an imperative: it’s a certainty. As energy scholar Vaclav Smil has argued, transitioning to new energy sources is simply what industrial societies do. We are always in energy transition.But while it’s certain that we’ll...

Posted January 18, 2013