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Will Floating LNG Revolutionise The Natural Gas Industry?

Floating liquid natural gas, the notion of performing gas liquefaction offshore on a floating vessel near the point of extraction, has seen a growth in interest since around 2006. Several companies prepared a Floating LNG concept and performed...

Posted February 21, 2013    

Can Tidal Energy Take Off?

The small French island of Mont Saint-Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is famous for its fast and forcefully rising tides. The famous writer Victor Hugo once claimed them to be as fast as galloping horses. Tidal energy is all about capturing...

Posted February 7, 2013    

Can the Wave Energy Industry Produce - On A Large Scale?

While going for a stroll along the seaside, many enjoy the magnificent sight of waves hitting the shore. Few will realize the unique opportunity to visualize the enormous amount of energy that waves carry. Is this the next big source of renewable...

Posted January 31, 2013    

Floating Offshore Wind Energy: Possibility or Pipedream?

With rows of wind turbines following the curvy shapes of the mountains that hold them in many parts of the world, today wind energy has become an integral part of our global environment. While most people are familiar with onshore wind generation,...

Posted January 25, 2013