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Welcome to Renewable Electricity Nirvana

Guest Post by Geoff Russell. Geoff is a mathematician and computer programmer and is a member of Animal Liberation SA. He has published a book on diet and science, CSIRO Perfidy.Back in 2011, the federal Department of Climate...

Posted June 12, 2013    

Energy Efficiency: In Praise of Waste

The title of this piece will hopefully arouse curiosity, but I have to confess it’s not quite what I believe. My parents lived through the depression so I was bought up to be frugal. We weren’t poor by any means, but my mother didn’t go to a...

Posted May 20, 2013    

Energy vs. Electricity: WWF Solar Report Gets it Wrong

What’s a solar atlas?The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently released its World Solar Atlas report reckoning that the world’s entire projected needs in 2050 of something beginning with “e” could be met with solar panels on less than one percent of...

Posted March 15, 2013    

Of Climate, Oil, and Nuclear Energy Fears

While the French have been generating electricty for ~80 grams of CO2 per kWh for two decades, the Germans are still putting out ~450 grams/kwh and Australia is close to world’s  worst practice ~850 grams/kwh. The anti-nuclear...

Posted February 19, 2013