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San Francisco: It's Time Not Just to Divest, But Reinvest

The Board of Supervisors recently passed a resolution urging The City’s Retirement Board to divest municipal pension funds of $583 million in fossil fuel stocks. The Retirement Board didn’t take up the recommendation, opting instead to join...

Posted February 7, 2014    

United States Can't Afford to Cede Green Energy Industry to Competitors

America used to be the leader in clean energy, but it has been surpassed by China and others. The US can't afford to lose the jobs and economic benefits of green energy. Like its competitors, America needs standards that mandate percentages of green...

Posted July 17, 2013    

Solar Energy: The New Gold Rush?

One morning 165 years ago, James Marshall was examining his sawmill on the American River, near Coloma, Calif. Marshall was having a run of bad luck -- in recent years, he'd been to war and lost his land -- but on this day he noticed something...

Posted July 13, 2013    

Abundant Clean Energy: For The People, By the People [VIDEO]

 How do we get to 100% clean energy? I believe the fastest way is to allow more people to participate in building the clean energy economy.  Until recently, there were good reasons why almost all of us were energy consumers, rather than...

Posted April 17, 2013