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The winds of climate-change

A new MIT analysis may serve to temper enthusiasm about wind power, at least at very large scales. Ron Prinn, TEPCO Professor of Atmospheric Science, and principal research scientist Chien Wang of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric...

Posted April 15, 2010    

Will they do it? The World Bank is divided on providing loans for dirty fuel

Today the World Bank (WB) will make a decision on whether or not to provide $3.7 billion worth of loans to South African – based power utility Eskom, the world’s fourth largest power company and Africa’s largest carbon emitter (with 40% of South...

Posted April 7, 2010    

A smart meter for your troubles?

Smart Meters are supposed believed to be a less costly alternative to traditional interval or time-of-use meters billing customers by how much is consumed and at what time of day will force consumers to adjust their consumption habits to be...

Posted March 15, 2010    


By 2014 all Ontario Coal electricity generating plants will be decommissioned and taken off line by the Ontario government.  Well, that’s the tentative plan.  As I wrote last week, the schematics of replacing 6 500 Mw of power are quite...

Posted March 1, 2010