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10 Megawatt Superconductor Turbines on Their Way

Alternative technology company AMSC announced this week that it has signed a contract with the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to investigate and assess the economics of a 10 MW “high temperature superconductor...

Posted February 14, 2009    

How Long Does it Take to Build a Wind Farm?

Anthony Fyson - freelance writer for the UK Royal Town Planning Institute magazine “Planning” this week criticises The British Wind Energy Association for talking about the “falling approval rates” for wind energy projects...

Posted February 10, 2009    

Top Ten Wind Energy Myths

As with anything new, a small proportion of the population will be suspicious of emerging technology and wind turbines, despite being green and clean do not escape this. Below are some of the common myths I often come across when hosting public...

Posted February 9, 2009    

Renewable Energy Charities

The idea of isolated third world communities generating their own electricity from renewable sources is a no-brainer and giving to such charities is surely worthwhile? Before you give your hard earned cash away, in an ideological green frenzy, do...

Posted February 3, 2009