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Kirk's Google Talk on Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactors

Mountain View, CA

Posted July 23, 2009    

The Keys to Lowering Reactor Cost: Investment Costs

Reactors are built with borrowed money. Any way you look at it, the cost of money is a major factor in the cost of building reactors. The reactor owner must borrow money to finance the reactor's construction. The borrowing starts even before the...

Posted July 22, 2009    

The Keys to Lowering Reactor Cost: Some Siting Considerations

Since I wrote this post, my thinking has turned to the use use of LFTRs to replace natural gas fired turbines and combined cycle generators. David LeBlanc's suggestion which was also found in an old ORNL research report, was that stainless steel...

Posted July 22, 2009    

The Keys to Lowering Reactor Costs: Nuclear Waste

I am at present satisfied that this discussion of the potential effects of the LFTR on the cost of handling nuclear waste presents an adequate picture. The problem of "nuclear waste" is one which is generated by nuclear technologies which fail to...

Posted July 21, 2009    

Fourteen Proliferation Questions

Fourteen Proliferation Questions. 1. Can nuclear proliferation be effectively avoided through alteration of commercial nuclear technology to increase its proliferation resistance? 2. Should domestic manufactured and sold nuclear technology be...

Posted July 18, 2009    

The LFTR: Is it safe?

Mothers worry about nuclear power. They have heard the stories about the dangers of radiation, and words like Chernobyl and "Three Mile Island" can bring a shudder of fear. But is nuclear power in general, and the LFTR in particular really that...

Posted July 14, 2009    

The LFTR, How much will it cost?

I have spent a good deal of time and energy during the last couple of years, thying to find support for my conviction that te LFTR represents the most promising route to low cost carbon energy. ORNL, which undoubtedly employeed many individuals who...

Posted July 13, 2009    

Planning for Post-Carbon Energy

In 2007, I set out to come up with a viable plan for post carbon-energy. I believed at that time that it was going to be necessary to reduce world emissions of CO2 by 80%. I was armed with the knowledge that finding a post carbon source for...

Posted July 12, 2009    

The World Wildlife Fund in the era of confusion

I am. believe it or not, very much in favor of sound environmental policy. But sound environmental policy begins by rejecting distorted views or reality. When you began to write off facts, because they do not fit into your ideological framework,...

Posted July 8, 2009    

Huge Nuclear Subsidies

Posted June 22, 2009    

Greenpeace and CSP Costs to 2050

Greenpeace recently spoke of a glowing future for Concentrated Solar Power:With advanced industry development and high levels of energy efficiency, concentrated solar power could meet up to 7 percent of the world's power needs by 2030 and fully one...

Posted June 11, 2009    

Senator Lisa Murkowski asks, Barack Obama Where's Nuclear

To the shame of pro-nuclear Democrats who have supported him, the Obama administration has failed to develop an effective policy to fight global Warming through the expansion of nuclear powered generation capacity. Senator Lisa Murkowski asks...

Posted June 2, 2009