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No Help with Global Warming: Wind and Gas

The Blog sphere is rapidly replacing the conventional media as a source of important ideas that effect the future of society. Several recent blog posts raise important issues about the future of energy and call into question the future energy...

Posted January 30, 2011    

Does Nuclear Energy Really Equate to Nuclear War?

In a previous post I looked at Mark Z. Jacobson's decision to exclude nuclear power as an future energy source in a recent paper. In that post I reviewed Jacobson's assertions that the global spread of nuclear generated electrical power would...

Posted January 5, 2011    

Nuclear power for weapons? Mark Z. Jacobson's proliferation of errors

In a new paper, Mark Z. Jaconson rejects consideration of nuclear power technology as a post carbon energy source:we do not consider nuclear energy (conventional fission, breeder reactors, or fusion) as a long-term global energy source. First, the...

Posted January 2, 2011    

Keeping up with China: The Economic Advantage of Molten Salt Nuclear Technology

Last Friday, Brian Wang called attention to a Boomberg's article on Chinese nuclear cost. The Bloomberg's story reported that the French designed EPR would cost 40% less to build in China that in Europe:Areva SA said the EPR nuclear reactor costs 3...

Posted December 1, 2010    

On the Persecution of Michael Mann

The Republican treatment of famed Climate Scientist Michael Mann, goes well beyond rational concern about scientific misconduct, and looks more and more like outright persecution of a scientist who has dared, like Galileo to contradicts the dogmas...

Posted November 24, 2010    

Charles Forsberg's views on Generation IV nuclear costs

ORNL MSR development work focused almost exclusively on MSBRs, although Ed Bettis's reactor design shop did design some deep burn MSR converters. The AEC was interested in breeder reactors, so the ORNL focus was on the development of a MSBR, rather...

Posted November 11, 2010    

Sources of nuclear cost saving from small and advanced reactors

There are eight primary sources of nuclear costs:The cost of the land upon which the nuclear power plant (NPP) is built. Costs related to designing the NPP Cost related to the materials from which the NPP is built.Labor costs related to...

Posted October 14, 2010    

Reverse Engineering the Future of Energy: Energy Sector Needs

This post is the fourth in a series on energy plans. The first post focused on a renewable based energy plan for Australia, the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 plan. Many critics have pointed to major flaws in that plan, while plan authors have been...

Posted October 8, 2010    

Reverse Engineering the Future of Energy: A future nuclear option?

Reverse engineering is usually thought of as a software development practice, but it can be used to produce the design of all sorts of products. One of the best known cases was the design of Intel instruction set microprocessors by Advanced Micro...

Posted October 5, 2010    

Planning for an Energy Future: The Zero Carbon Australia Plan as Representative Example

The creation of realistic plans for a viable energy future have, as of yet, received far to little attention. Energy goals should be tested with the creation of plans intended to demonstrate that the goals can be realized. Plans. in turn, should...

Posted September 27, 2010    

The Simple Levelized Cost of Energy Calculator

Never let it be said that the National Renewable Energy Lab has failed to do anything useful. While the NREL serves as a lobbying front for the renewable energy industry. The NREL has now come up with a tool for detecting the very frauds the NREL...

Posted September 9, 2010    

Atmospheric CO2 [Infographic]

Posted August 21, 2010