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Wind Tax Windfalls, Nuclear Tax Burdens

This Week in Nuclear Episode #78 – MP3 File In this episode of This Week in Nuclear I interview Joseph Somsel, the author of “How Taxes Pervert Our Energy Choices”.  Our discussion covered a wide range of topics including: How...

Posted January 7, 2010    

Clean, Green Energy Jobs

  Fast Fission Podcast # 18 – mp3 file Duke Energy is one of the largest power producers in the Western Hemisphere.  They produce 35,000 MW of electricity in the USA, plus 4,000 in Latin America.  They have virtually every type of...

Posted November 29, 2009    

Sacramento’s Costly Mistake

Fast Fission #13 – MP3 File I recently invited listeners of my podcasts and readers of my blog to leave voice mail using the “call me” button at .  Thank you Patrick Park from California who called in with a...

Posted November 2, 2009    

Nuclear Energy’s Tiny Environmental Footprint

Fast Fission Podcast #12 – MP3 File I recently came across a fascinating study that was done by five researchers from The Nature Conservancy.  If you have not heard of them before, the Nature Conservancy is "the leading conservation...

Posted November 1, 2009