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The Way Back to 280 ppm

Concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 394.97 ppm at Mauna Loa in May — 41% above the 280ppm it had been for thousands of years before the Industrial Revolution started.Given the dangers of global warming, carbon dioxide...

Posted July 25, 2011    

Feebates - The Most Effective Way to Accomplish Desired Shifts

On 12 July 2011 the U.K. Government published ‘Planning our electric future: a White Paper for secure, affordable and low-carbon electricity’. Plans to reform energy policy are under debate around the world, e.g. Australia is planning to...

Posted July 14, 2011    

Earth at Boiling Point

Silence before the StormHere's an analogy to describe the precarious situation we're in. When heat is added to water at boiling point (100°C or 212°F), vapor will appear at the surface, while bubbles of gas are formed throughout the water, but ...

Posted June 15, 2011    

America can win the clean energy race

1. America has the geographic advantage America is fortunate to have good domestic opportunities for solar power, unlike countries like Japan, Germany and South Korea, where the sun doesn't shine as brightly and where the solar industry needs more...

Posted March 1, 2011