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Historic Energy Decisions in U.S. and Canada

Wishful thinking by some people to the contrary, fossil fuels are here to stay for at least the next 30-40 years. In North America this timeframe will be an era of transition as the proportion of renewable energy in the U.S. and Canada will rise...

Posted February 8, 2013    

Stubborn Facts About Nuclear Power

 “Facts are stubborn things,” said Jacques Besnainou, CEO of AREVA North America. Invoking John Adams’ quote, he was not referring to just any facts, but to facts about nuclear power, particularly as it applies to the U.S., at the Tuck Speaker...

Posted July 1, 2009    

My notes on Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference

  The Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference The second annual Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference again proved to be one of the premier environmental conferences of the year, and Fortune Magazine’s co-chairs Brian Dumaine and Marc Gunther...

Posted May 29, 2009