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Hans Noel: How Ideology Affects US Climate Policy

 Ideological polarization in the US Congress reached a record high last year, while Congress’ approval rating reached a record low.  The resulting gridlock has put the brakes on new legislation to address most issues, including climate...

Posted February 26, 2014    

3 Ways New Filibuster Rules Could Affect US Climate Policy

On Thursday, Senate Democrats used a rare procedural move, known as the “nuclear option,” to end the use of filibusters on most Presidential nominees.The rule change means that Presidential nominees for cabinet positions and federal courts (...

Posted November 26, 2013    

US Midterms Unlikely to Change Carbon Pricing Politics

With the Republican Party’s favorability ratings reaching record lows last month, some have begun wondering whether Democrats could actually retake control of the House of Representatives in next year’s midterm elections. This has led to more...

Posted November 4, 2013    

The 3 Biggest Challenges to Obama’s Climate Change Plan

President Obama’s plan to address climate change, centered on new carbon emission standards for power plants, is being billed as one that he can implement on his own.  But there are several significant hurdles the plan must overcome before...

Posted July 2, 2013    

Why a Carbon Tax Isn’t In Obama’s Climate Change Plan

On Tuesday, President Obama outlined his second-term plan to address climate change. It includes a range of executive actions and regulations that will reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years.But one thing it does not...

Posted June 28, 2013