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Can ASEAN Run Away from Coal?

All of the sources are saying the same story: Asia currently leads in global energy consumption increases. The ten members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are – along with China and India – shifting the center of gravity of the...

Posted December 22, 2014    

Energy in Indonesia: News from Natuna, Hope for ASEAN

Finally, the news that people have been waiting for: This week, the Government of Indonesia sent a positive signal to the consortium which consists of Pertamina – an Indonesian state-owned oil and gas company as the team leader (owning a 35%...

Posted August 20, 2013    

Will ASEAN realise its 2015 renewable energy goals?

Energy consumption and economy in the ASEAN region have been growing in tandem over the last two decades. The region’s economic growth had a consequential increase in primary energy consumption which was registered at 3.6% per annum from 1995 to...

Posted July 24, 2012    

Hormuz and ASEAN: Are we ready?

Nowadays, it seems like everyone stares at the board of oil prices. The rising oil price due to the growing Iran-related tensions on oil, LNG and oil products markets has resulted in strong reasons for every government, especially in a net importing...

Posted April 10, 2012    

ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Integration of Energy Infrastructure

ASEAN is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world and has a fast rising energy demand driven by economic and demographic growth. ASEAN has been demonstrating a sharp rebound from the global crisis. In 2010 the region’s real GDP...

Posted September 17, 2011    

Towards A 100% Electrified Southeast Asia

Electrified Rural and Remote Areas in Southeast Asia160.3 million people in Southeast Asia were unelectrified and almost 80% of them live in rural and remote areas.Rural electrification is the process of bringing electrical power to rural and remote...

Posted June 23, 2011