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Making the Boom Bigger: Opportunities Abound for the Oil & Gas Industry to Address Environmental Challenges with Practical Innovation

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” in the United States has created extraordinary economic opportunity in the nation’s energy sector while at the same time has posed unprecedented environmental concern. The boom in US...

Posted October 1, 2014    

Power Markets and the Changing Color of the Grid

Across the Midwest and Eastern US and into Canada, the extreme weather events of 2014’s winter tested the regional energy markets in unprecedented ways. Successive polar vortexes swept cold over North America and pushed energy prices to record highs...

Posted September 30, 2014    

A Bumpy Ride for New Jersey Solar Investors

All renewable energy is not created equal. The same is true of the policies of states where alternative power sources are deployed. At its core, New Jersey is a prime example of how policy and economics manifest themselves into complex renewable...

Posted February 12, 2014