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Protect Our Soldiers With Energy Innovation

Providing soldiers with the newest, most advanced military systems has historically been a bipartisan issue, and provides an opportunity for cooperation on energy innovation funding in the near future. The Army’s recent report on how...

Posted March 18, 2011    

DOE Favoring Renewables or Reality?

Both Democrats and Republicans, at todays Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on the Department of Energy’s proposed $29.5 billion budget, expressed concern over increasing funding for the DOE’s renewable initiatives while...

Posted February 16, 2011    

ARPA-E: An Investment in America

ARPA-E, the DOE's high risk, high reward R&D program, has been in the spotlight the past two weeks in light of recent successes and budget talks. The disparate news about the agency illuminates the Federal Government's broken approach to...

Posted February 10, 2011    

Cut Spending or Invest in Energy Innovation: A Timely Debate

Recently, a debate has been raging between those who want government to cut spending and those who want it to invest in the future. Today, ITIF and The Breakthrough Institute brought together the leading voices on both sides of the spectrum at a...

Posted February 7, 2011    

Rep. Giffords and the New Energy Economics and Security Consensus

A confluence of recent events, both tragic and inspiring, have once again reminded us that America’s national security is inextricably linked to its energy posture. As a result, a new consensus is emerging within government and the private sector:...

Posted January 13, 2011    

A Lesson from the Rare Earth Metals Embargo

By Daniel Goldfarb.  In the aftermath of China’s rare earth metals embargo to Japan, Europe and America, it is time to re-think how we get these crucial materials, reports the NY Times in a piece titled, “After China’s Rare Earth Embargo, a...

Posted November 1, 2010