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EPA's Green Power Partnership Program: Achieving 100% Clean Energy One Partner at a Time

Innovative partnerships are vital in acheiving a 100% clean energy world. Specifically, cross-sector partnerships can provide the sometimes missing capital, creative ideas, or leverage that is needed to overcome large obstacles. With the help of the...

Posted June 26, 2014    

3 Ways the White House is Supporting a Solar America

Even with a 60% drop in the price of solar panels since 2011, the deployment of solar energy nationally has needed a boost to compete with heavily subsidized fossil fuels. The federal government is one of the sectors that has pushed for a solar...

Posted May 14, 2014    

The Best Solar Sports Stadiums

Why do we play sports? Many people would say it is our love of competition that drives us to play. Many people would say it is all about having fun or being healthy. Either way, sports have become a staple of our lives, and they should be.Sports...

Posted May 10, 2014    

Battery Technology: Of the Past, but Lifeblood for the Future

Before the massive electrical grids and power lines that our current infrastructure relies so heavily upon, batteries were the way we created electricity. As batteries advanced, so did our technological capabilities. From lead-acid to lithium ion,...

Posted March 26, 2014    

What is PACE Financing?

With all of these solar acronyms flying around, the renewable energy conversation can often times get a little confusing. One of the more common acronyms we continually hear is PACE financing. So what exactly is PACE?Property Assessed Clean Energy (...

Posted March 17, 2014