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Brace Yourself for Election Year Energy Rhetoric

As the election nears, we are bound to see campaign rhetoric increase – unfortunately, at the expense of facts, which at times can be in short supply.This will be especially evident when candidates talk about energy – more specifically, pitting...

Posted August 7, 2012    

The Truth About Natural Gas From Shale

Natural gas from shale is a game-changer for the United States.  It offers us greater control over our energy destiny, more jobs and government revenues, energy affordability, and reduced environmental impacts.  Unfortunately, there are...

Posted March 26, 2012    

Advanced Biofuels: Great Opportunity, Significant Challenges

Legislation can’t change the fundamental laws of science. The energy industry, government laboratories, research facilities, private industry, academic institutions, agricultural groups and entrepreneurs are all racing to deliver biofuels cost...

Posted November 1, 2011    

Technology To Meet The Energy Challenge

As this community knows all too well, the demand for energy is rapidly increasing. Over the next 20 years, the world population is expected to grow by 20 percent – meaning there will be over 8 billion neighbors on earth by 2030.  Every part of...

Posted June 10, 2011