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Modeling a Distribution Network: How Oncor's "Reality Check" Improves Reliability

Few utilities have a larger or more complex distribution network than Oncor Electric Delivery -- serving more than 7 million customers in Texas, with over 102,000 miles of distribution lines and 4 million network nodes. To help ensure that power...

Posted February 3, 2015    

Electric Vehicles: CPUC Says California Utilities Can Own Charging Infrastructure

The shift toward electric vehicles is rolling forward in California among consumers, and regulators are weighing in. Just before Christmas, the California PUC overturned previous policy and issued a new decision allowing the state's utilities to...

Posted January 12, 2015    

Creating an Integrated Grid: Regulators, Legislators Can Help

Integrating more distributed power generation and energy storage can help make a grid more flexible, resilient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. But in the U.S., there's a catch -- so far, utilities here are effectively barred from owning...

Posted September 28, 2014    

NY Regulators are Building a More Distributed, Reliable, Transactive Grid

In the State of New York, a looming power supply shortage is spurring regulatory action to support a smarter, less centralized and more robust power grid. Under the able leadership of NY Public Service Commission Chair Audrey Zibelman, this...

Posted September 26, 2014    

Microgrid at Italian University Generates Savings, Knowledge

 Autonomy and flexibility can support energy resilience, while also benefitting the power grid. This February, the Savona campus of the University of Genoa, Italy, opened a campus-wide microgrid -- the first of its kind in Europe. It combines...

Posted August 25, 2014    

Bringing the Smart Grid Home: Google Buys Nest

Recently Google announced the purchase of Nest, a company that makes "smart" thermostats. Why would Google pay such a handsome price ($3.2 billion) for something as prosaic as thermostats? In short, because these devices may represent the single...

Posted January 24, 2014