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A Landmark Deal in Mississippi Could Give a Big Boost to Utility-Scale Solar

Southern Company, which owns Mississippi Power, ranks nearly last when it comes to utilities’ use of renewable energy. However, a settlement announced earlier this week could open up as much as 100 megawatts of solar and wind in Mississippi.The...

Posted August 13, 2014    

Efficiency Group Says 'Utility Death Spiral' Talk Is Overblown

The notion that large numbers of electricity consumers will unplug from the power grid doesn't hold up to scrutiny, according to an energy efficiency advocacy group.The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ran the numbers on electricity...

Posted June 17, 2014    

Should Utility Companies Be More Like Broadband Providers?

Electricity is the ultimate commodity. Since gadgets and appliances work no matter where they plug in, it's nearly impossible for consumers to distinguish between different products.But forward-looking executives say that utilities need to start...

Posted June 14, 2014    

For Some Utility Execs, EPA Carbon Rules Are Only One Worry in a Changing Business

 One would think that the recent landmark EPA proposal to limit CO2 emissions from power plants would be the main topic of discussion at a utility industry conference. But that wasn't the case at this week's Utility of the Future conference in...

Posted June 9, 2014    

3 Models That Could Help Utilities Make Money From Solar Energy

When the world wide web first came onto the scene, the dominant supplier of proprietary software, Microsoft, was forced to adopt the internet to stay relevant. Could there be a lesson here for utilities grappling with the disruptive nature of...

Posted March 3, 2014    

Is It Getting Any Easier for Cleantech Firms to Cross the 'Valley of Death'?

Quick: name five cleantech companies that have successfully brought technology from the lab to market.Don't be surprised if you struggle. Some of the best minds in energy innovation at the MIT Energy Conference last week fumbled through that...

Posted February 27, 2014