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80-Year Old Law Determines Whether Demand Response Can Bid in to Wholesale Electricity Markets

Demand response (DR) is a critically important tool for creating a more flexible power grid.  The Department of Energy recently concluded that DR can enable greater deployment of renewables and reduce new transmission investment.  The...

Posted October 5, 2015    

Power Over Pollution: How Legal Enforceability Will Drive Implementation of EPA's Power Plant Rule

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed CO2 emission guidelines for existing power plants. Once EPA issues the final rule in 2015, each State (except for Vermont) can submit a plan to EPA describing how it will meet its power...

Posted July 23, 2014    

How Far Can States Go In Supporting Renewable Energy?: Part II

As discussed in Part I, State renewable energy policies are increasingly being challenged as unconstitutional.  Several challenges argue that State policies impermissibly overlap with authority that Congress granted to Federal regulators....

Posted May 8, 2014    

How Far Can States Go In Supporting Renewable Energy?

State policies promoting the deployment of renewable energy have played important roles in the rapid growth of wind and solar energy.  But over the past few years, those policies are increasingly being challenged as unconstitutional. A...

Posted April 22, 2014    

Harvard Policy Initiative Makes the Case for End-Use Energy Efficiency in EPA's Upcoming Rule on Existing Power Plants

By Kate Konschnik and Ari PeskoeHarvard Law School’s Environmental Policy Initiative has published a paper that argues for inclusion of end-use energy efficiency (EE) in EPA’s upcoming proposal to curb GHG emissions from existing power plants....

Posted March 5, 2014