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Gangnam Style Energy Solutions to Mitigate Risk

Most of us recognize certain behavior as inherently risky, and so we seek to avoid it. But the relationship of the three Rs - risk reward, and resources - matters. When risk is hard to predict, when the cost of risk avoidance is high and when the...

Posted December 3, 2012    

Critical Energy Infrastructure: Links AND Nodes

Try as we might, it’s hard for us as individuals to see the world other than as we have been trained to see it over the course of our lives and careers. But in an increasingly networked world, it becomes ever more important to consider the entire...

Posted July 26, 2012    

Rethinking the Meaning of “System Reliability”

“Despite continuing efforts to make the electric power system robust, some risk remains of widespread and extended power outages due to extreme weather or acts of terrorism. One way to alleviate the most serious effects of a prolonged blackout is to...

Posted July 17, 2012    

The Strong Grid: Beyond Smart

For one hundred plus years, our grid and the utilities that operate it have worked like a loyal plow horse, getting the job done, even as we hardly noticed the tremendous value they created and maintained daily. Sure, occasionally we’d suffer an...

Posted July 10, 2012    

Our Outdated Electrical Grid: An Intolerable Situation

 As outages stretch past four days for millions without the modern conveniences supported by electricity, let us hope that the cold hard fact of grid vulnerability is beginning to dawn on us all. It's not new, it's just that these outages only...

Posted July 3, 2012