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Libya Could Produce More Energy from Renewables than Oil

Libya could generate five times the amount of energy from solar panels alone than what it produces from crude oil, according to research by Nottingham Trent University.The study, led by the university’s School of Architecture, Design and the Built...

Posted February 28, 2013    

New EU Offshore Drilling Rules Agreed

Member states and MEPs struck a deal today (21 February) on new safety regulations for offshore oil and gas exploration and extraction in EU waters. The new legislation was first proposed by the European Commission after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon...

Posted February 23, 2013    

Indian Renewable Energy Sector to Create 2.4 Million Jobs by 2020

India’s renewable energy sector create up to 2.4 million jobs by 2020, according to a report jointly commissioned by environmental group Greenpeace, the Global Wind Energy Council and the European Renewable Energy Council.To date, the sector employs...

Posted November 24, 2012    

Oil-drilling Boom Puts the US in Global Driving Seat

America is expected to become the largest crude oil producer in the world by  2020, overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia.It is expected to reduce its imports from 10million barrels a day to about  4million barrels within ten years, the...

Posted November 13, 2012    

Renewable energy projects get green light

The Executive Council recently approved a number of projects that support the UAE’s global role as an energy provider. The Shams solar power plant is scheduled to be operational by August and will contribute 100 megawatts to the Abu Dhabi power...

Posted January 30, 2012    

Energy Pricing Predictions for 2012

The oil price has rarely fallen below $100 a barrel since the Arab Spring threatened supplies at the start of 2011. Libya is now nearly back at full-scale production post-war, which some suggest could increase global supply and theoretically...

Posted January 1, 2012