Sol Systems

Sol Systems exists to promote growth in the solar industry, an industry that we believe is critical to a sustainable, healthy future. Financing remains the critical barrier to growth in the solar industry. We believe that for our industry to scale, we must fundamentally change the financing infrastructure, process, and channels in order to expand the pool of capital.

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August 26, 2017 15:40

Jordan, your statement

Sol is employee-owned [and] backed by Sempra Energy, a $25-billion+ energy company.

is a revealing one.

Perhaps you aren’t aware that virtually none of Sempra’s $billions in annual revenue comes from the sale of solar energy, and virtually all of it from the sale and combustion of “natural gas” (fossil-fuel methane).

Or that in 2015, a ruptured pipe at Sempra’s Aliso Canyon storage facility resulted in the worst greenhouse gas leak in U.S. history.

Sounds more like Sempra owns the hearts, souls, and minds of Sol Energy, and finds them extremely useful for marketing and burning more fossil fuel.