It seems like everyone is pushing for a lead in the solar energy game. Who’s catapulting themselves into first place now? The world’s largest aerospace company, The Boeing Co.

boeing solar cell efficiency 

Boeing hopes to introduce their high-efficiency C3MJ+ solar cells around the globe as early as January, 2011. Created by their wholly-owned subsidiary, Spectrolab, this technology is made for land-based PV solar panels, solar simulators and searchlights. The cells are able to convert a whopping 39.2% of sunlight into electricity.

Spectrolab has already shown great success with its solar panels, which supply power to 60% of the satellites orbiting Earth—the same kind of success they hope to see with their single-crystal germanium substrate cells that have been tailored for terrestrial energy production. All in all, Boeing hopes to produce 10 million of these cells, if the demand calls for it.

The current record for converting sunlight into PV solar electricity is 24.2%, set by San Jose-based SunPower Corp. If Spectrolab follows through with their plans, this could be a whole new game entirely.