"In a completely liberalised market, there would never be any chance for a new [electricity-producing] technology because the risks are too high.

Rainer Kistner, director of Andasol [operating world’s largest solar power plant] - The Independent

Either you have Feed-In Tarrifs or you have direct investment in power plant or production (R&D) of power plants. The fact is there is no other way to get to the size of R&D and production where RES are competitive to fossil fuels.

No one really wants expensive electricity where RES would be a good investment without FITs. Yet even then the fossils would give more watts for your buck, if external costs would be as handicapped as the carbon market is (ETS).

The true question is how much are you willing to pay for cleaner future? It seems it will be very expensive and with the austerities and national debt problems an issue which voting dependent politician will not support. Or will she?